Grandma is Bitchy Again

MY REAR END PROBLEM If you follow this newsletter, I am sure that you remember “Grandma.” She is the 1954 Chrysler Windsor four door sedan (the world’s most uncollectable car) that I am in the process of replacing the original straight six cylinder engine with an amazing 1955 Chrysler C300 hemi engine. In my April … Read more

Tranny Granny Needs a Shrink

Here it is April first today – time for another story. This story is a bit tragic as it turns out I think I am in need of a psychotherapist. (Item to Note – it is not for me as I am too far gone for that). It is for “Grandma.” Having just celebrated my … Read more

And I Said: Yes

Let me explain about what I said “Yes” to. I am a long-time member of the Early Ford V8 club (EFV8). When I graduated from college in 1954 and got commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force, I finally had sufficient income to buy a car. I got a loan for $500, and … Read more

Grandma Gets Her Transplant

I call the four door 1954 Chrysler Windsor I bought “Grandma.” She is big, fat, 67 years old and a little wrinkled; my kind of gal since I am 90 and consider her to be “youthful.” Grandma was created with a flathead six-cylinder engine. I decided to give her a pep up by transplanting a 331c.i. hemi … Read more

Real World or Fantasy World?

Human Population Growth graph

I am going to step away for a bit from my usual gears and grease discussions and expound on some philosophical thoughts that have been running around in my head. I promise I will get back to gears and grease in the coming months. Unless you have been in a coma over the past couple … Read more

The Double Meaning of Fall Time

There are two kinds of fall. One where you take a header down the basement stairs, and another where you have weather that happens just before winter. Since the two are totally unrelated, I think it makes for a good discussion to assure there is no confusion between the two in the mind of my … Read more

Has It Come to This?

Disturbing events over the past month have led me to believe that the behavior of my restoration cars is mimicking the darker side of human behavior. They have exhibited resentment, class struggle and sexual deviation. Let me explain as I am sure that most of my readers have not experienced this phenomenon, so they need … Read more

My Next Very Last Project

It is now time to start my third “very last project.”  So there will be no misunderstanding, let me define how these projects came about and how they are numbered. The need for the numbering system is due to my age. At age ninety, long term planning can mean “next year” not “next decade,” so … Read more

Unrequited Love

Merriam-Webster defines unrequited as “not reciprocated or returned in kind.” Unrequited love is what I am getting from the Bluebird. The Bluebird is the restomod 1962 Pontiac Catalina that I have been working on lo these many years. (No, it is not a Bonneville. That badge in the grill just came with the better replacement … Read more