Real World or Fantasy World?

Human Population Growth graph

I am going to step away for a bit from my usual gears and grease discussions and expound on some philosophical thoughts that have been running around in my head. I promise I will get back to gears and grease in the coming months. Unless you have been in a coma over the past couple … Read more

My Turn to Go Nuts – The End of Private Transportation

I recently received my primary election ballot for the Republican Party in the mail. Now I have to sort through the candidates (and maybe hold my nose) and vote. I have been a long time member of the Republican Party as I want to be able to vote in the primary elections. I also typically … Read more

When the Chips are Down, The Cars Are Few and Far Between

A chip has many meanings – it can be a small particle that results when you cut or chop something; it can be something you use to scoop up onion dip and eat; or it can be a very small, integrated circuit. A small cut chip in your eye is very annoying and a chip … Read more