Each book is about a car –
who owned it –

what adventures each owner
had with the car . . .

Each short story is about
a car part – who invented it –
why it had to be invented . . .



Prequel Short Story
Titanium Camshaft
’40 Ford
Best-Selling Novel
The Bootlegger
’40 Ford
Audio Drama
The Bahnburner
Hot Rod Adventure
The Bahnburner and The Wasserwagen
Adventure Story
The Bahnburner and The Wasserwagen
Coming in 2022!
The Gunrunner
’55 Chrysler


Comments from Readers . . .

I’m at the Eastern National LCOC Meet and just finished your book last night. Wanted to let you know I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! I have a list of people I am passing it on to, starting with LCOC President Talbourdet. Thanks again,
Steve D’Ambrosia, LCOC National Chief Judge