Some Thoughts on Aging

Yes, I am 91 years old, but I am blessed in that I currently do not exhibit the decline in ability that is often associated with this age. That said, I would be foolish not to think seriously about what the future might bring. Unlike most people my age, I do not have extensive family; … Read more

Tranny Granny Needs a Shrink

Here it is April first today – time for another story. This story is a bit tragic as it turns out I think I am in need of a psychotherapist. (Item to Note – it is not for me as I am too far gone for that). It is for “Grandma.” Having just celebrated my … Read more

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

1954 Chrysler Windsor

You may remember the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy statement that was issued during the Clinton administration in response to the LGBTQ movement as the social landscape was shifting. But something happened to me this month that gives that statement a new perspective. I got a mysterious phone call that at first I thought was … Read more