Another Modest Proposal

In my May 2019 blog, I presented three modest proposals for national elections, sports championships and ending wars. To date none have been adopted, but I have confidence that they will surface for active consideration in the future as the sound logic behind them commands attention. I now have another modest proposal to offer for … Read more

Classic Clarification

Classic Clarification In a previous blog post, I extolled on how it takes a team of specialists to do a true restoration of a classic car. By the way, do not call a 57 Chevy a “classic” car. It is an old and great car with a large following. “A “classic” car is a “fine” … Read more

The Bahnburner at the hill climb

Well Mike Nicholas is at it again. You don’t know Mike? He is the guy who spark plugs the Georgetown Colorado hill climb. ( For you flatlanders and out of town folks and out of the country folks but hopefully on this earth folks, Georgetown is an old mining town just below the Continental Divide … Read more