Dreamin' in a 40 Bootlegger Ford

Wow almost didn’t make it. It was a good thing that the Bootlegger Ford did! It is such a beautiful day today that I pulled up my chair outside the garage and watched the traffic at my neighbor’s garage sale. Sara joined me as I sat there drinking a very cold Coors. It started about the time that I finished the beer but I fought it off and went inside and had some fried chicken. I could feel it coming on again this time even stronger and I knew there was no way that I could fight it. Only thing I could do was go lay down on the bed. nap
That was a mistake as it hit me full force, the dreaded mid-summer Nap Attack. I knew I should be out in the garage cleaning the fasteners for the 1955 Chrysler C300 that I am restoring but the Nap Attack was so powerful that even that elementary task was beyond me. Bookcover: The Bootlegger '40 FordFortunately it was over in about two hours and I was able to return to my duties.
Now that The Bootlegger ‘40 Ford book is published I really need to clean the grease and oil off my hands and get to work promoting it. I thought that the task of getting the book published was the main effort but am learning that it is only the beginning of what it takes to get people to buy a book. So now I have to swap my beat up but faithful socket wrenches for the clickity clack of a keyboard and the avalanche of social media. I know how to use tools to make a full race flathead engine but have to open a whole new tool box of stuff that is written in blue and underlined to get in touch with people. You have to consider that I am part of the generation that made phone calls using actual human people as operators and big plug-in switch boards to connect you with the person you wanted to call. Now you write some words and push a key and you connect to the whole world. That is full race communication!
So drop me a line and give me a clue as to how to get you to buy a book.
Here’s mine:  get ‘ye to Amazon order up your copy nowamazon1
While you are at it give me a clue as to how best to get rust off those nuts and bolts.  FlatheadEng@comcast.net

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