It is Ushi’s sister that was killed in the BMW autobahn crash caused by Heinz, the vicious old Nazi. Seeking some sort of closure, she asks her devoted husband Andreas, a brilliant young German engineer, to find the car. It is of course hopeless, but he tries and learns much to his surprise that a ’40 Ford was not shredded as believed but is being used as a chicken coup in Poland. For only $500, he retrieves the car which, because of its total rarity, becomes the perfect test vehicle for a radical new engine that runs on dissociated water. It becomes known as the WASSERWAGEN (water wagon).
The Chinese learn about this phenomenal development and attempt a hi-jacking but learn much to their surprise, that there is an exact copy of it. Which one to hi-jack? Karl, the inventor of the engine and a race driver, comes to the rescue … and the rest of the story is …

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