John Powers, the president elect of Advanced Ferrites, a company under investigation for stock fraud instigated by the Russian mafia, is asked to make a quick trip on behalf of the new Chairman to Russia to meet the Russian stock holder and obtain documented approval for his new position. John is received by the powerful Russian who uses utmost charm and sincerity to lull him into a false sense of security.
Little does he know that he has the key to a massive espionage plot. Unbeknownst to him, he possesses a secret disk that totally exposes the plot. He is to be put out of commission by a ruse at the airport concerning plans for a nuclear torpedo. Languishing in a Russian jail without hope, it becomes the task of his family to rescue him. Clark, his cousin in-law, intervenes and along with John’s daughter Karen, travel to Germany to come up with a rescue plan. With the help of German friends, they manage to get John to Budapest where the Bahnburner is used to make a daring and very dangerous escape to Vienna … and the rest of the story is …

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