Lieutenant Clark gets discharged from the Air Force and 35 years later is traveling with his wife Sara from his daughter’s home in Berlin to make a sales call in Munich for his medical electronics company. Just south of Nuremburg, he is passed by a S600 Mercedes doing 150 mph. The Mercedes hits a BMW and causes it to have a fatal accident but it keeps going on like nothing happened.
Later that evening, while drinking in the Hofbrauhaus with Jurgen, his German son-in-law, he learns by accident it was an old Nazi who did it. A desperate ill-conceived challenge is accepted by Clark and a $35,000 bet is established for a race on the Autobahn. The ’40 Ford appears almost by magic and is converted to the fearsome BAHNBURNER by a team of BMW engineers. They want revenge for the BMW engineer who was killed by Hienz, the nasty old Nazi.
Bobby Unser, three time Indy winner, is met by chance and gives Clark some driving lessons. The race is wild and disastrous. The Ford is lost forever …or is it? … and the rest of the story is …

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