The Titanium Camshaft – Short Story

Dear Fellow Car Professionals and Car Lovers:
titaniumcamshaft150x230My previous work as a professional engineer has allowed me to take that knowledge and experience and create a new career as an author of action adventure books that use an old car as the main character. I thought you might like to sample a brand new short story that I am using as a prequel to my published book “The Bootlegger 40 Ford.” I believe it will not only grab your interest but also tickle your imagination and demonstrate the authentic approach I use in my writing. Buckle your seat belt and get ready for this ride: It’s about a titanium car part, the man who invented it, and what happened to the car as a result of this ingenious invention.
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Thanks a lot, and hope your year is off to a rubber peeling start!
Charles S. Clark

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